Saabkyle04 is a pretty awesome YouTube personality, and he's reviewed/provided in depth looks at probably thousands of vehicles. Check him out if you haven't already, though I'm sure many of you have.

Has he reviewed what you drive, or have driven? Doesn't have to be the same year, but relatively close to it.

This is a Millenia he reviewed, very similar to mine. Couple MY difference, but overall the same.

This is the same year, make, and model as mine. Mine doesn't have all the features, but applies otherwise.

Pretty similar to the Cavalier I had, except mine was pre-2003 refresh.

Not a review, but closest thing I could find for my Taurus wagon. One MY difference.

Very similar to my Explorer that I had. I had the XLT, though, and it was a '92.


Post videos, as I did, if you so choose. This guy does really great work, and makes a really good living off of it as well.

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