Seriously. I mean look at those prices. It looks like you can find base model Camaros for under $25 grand all day long due to no one buying these things apparently. So they are priced to move.


The performance models are even better deals. Take this 1SS example at one of my local Chevy dealers. MSRP on this one is $41k. They have it listed for $33,900 (its also been on their lot for 201 days). Even the monstrous ZL1's have thousands off. I saw a ZL1 with $14k off sticker. That’s crazy. But its looking like most SS’s have $5-$6k off sticker. They are compelling at these prices. But its still a hard sell IMO. The Camaro is the most sports car like out of the Big 3's muscle cars, so its tight, and that front fascia is pretty ugly in person. And its the only car I have ever driven that made me feel tired after I drove it for some reason. But V8 power on the cheap is always a good thing. I would pick on up before GM kills it for good.

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