I remember about two years ago when I started to frequent Jalopnik I really only ever paid attention to the front page but don't remember any particularly bad replies or rude commenters. But once I joined Oppo Ive been far more involved in the sub blogs than the front page and I just remembered why, I made what I feel was a pretty obvious joke about Lewis Hamilton being the driver of the stolen G8 in Tom's article and someone was quick to point out how much different the description was to Hamilton. Granted he saved himself with a decent enough joke but the whole thing just came off as pretty confrontational.

"5'11", 160 lbs"—Lewis couldn't reach 5'11" if he jumped. And 160 lbs? That's enough for TWO F1 drivers. Man, I don't care how physically fit Mark Webber was, I really wanted to send him a couple of cheeseburgers. Really, would an extra 10 lbs. have been a competitive disadvantage?

So tell me Oppo, has the front page always been this rough or have I just become old and senile/take myself too seriously?

Slidy M1 Procars for your time.