Before my Juke I had my Sonic, it was a good car. It was the stepping stone for me as a car enthusiast. I liked it, but did not love it. Then I got my Juke, it completely changed me as a person & an enthusiast.

It may sound weird the a crossover would do that, but it did. The engine, the transmission, & how it drives. Itโ€™s also the reason I started going to Carsโ€™nโ€™Coffee, track day(s), & Auto-X soon. Looking at it makes me want to drive, Iโ€™ll press lock on my key fob multiple times to make itโ€™s locked (& to look at it). Itโ€™s why I want to find the most twisty back road, I let it do its thing.

Itโ€™s also changed me as a person. Before I had it I never got out to meet people. Since Iโ€™ve had it Iโ€™ve got out way more, it has has helped me meet great people. Wether it be Carsโ€™nโ€™Coffee, the track, etc. Without it I would not have the friends I have. Itโ€™s also the reason Iโ€™ve joined this great blog, I wanted to show it off. Iโ€™m more happy too since Iโ€™ve had it, that I like. I still have personal issues that will take a long time to fix, but getting in my Juke makes me forget them.

My Sonic was a car, but the Juke is MY car. Itโ€™s MY Juke. Itโ€™s the best Juke. The NISMO RS has better specs, but itโ€™s not MY Juke. Iโ€™ll be that person that keeps it for 25+ years (laws permitting) then sells it when no more exist. Some(lots) may call it ugly, I refer it as my automotive pimple as a joke. There are better cars for the amount of money it cost it, but those donโ€™t work magic on me like MY Juke.

How has your car/truck/van/suv changed you as an enthusiast & person?