Hashima Island was once a coal mining Island owned by Mitsubishi.

(mitsubishi trivia- Mitsubishi was Founded in 1870 by a Japanese with Samurai Heritage -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iwasaki_Y…)

Anyway click on the above to venture into the google street map tour of the island complete with UK creepy film effect.

The walk into the Abandoned Temple that the miners used to pray before minin is extra creepy.


Or google map "Hashima Island" and place the little person on the map and tour it yourself with the street view



in the 60's, kids seen playing at the stairs



This is an interesting look into an abandoned island formerly owned by Mitsubishi and in their long storied history. This includes Mitsubishi rare earth refinery in Malaysia that left the area radioactive.


Anyway Nordanstad and CM von Hausswolff became interested in Hashima's history, and wanted to make a documentary about the island.


Something really scary I came across while surfing the net, just thought I'd share it with you opponauts. Ultra creepy at how it was just abandoned overnight, with possessions left behind. Like they left in a hurry, almost as if fleeing from something. Those are real pictures of the island, by the way.

Take the Hashima UK website tour. Ultra scary. Post your experiences too if you are brave enough!!!