The stars just didn’t align for us. Between the problems with the cross bars, the rush to complete chores, and the general malaise of kids who are ready for a break, we decided to delay our trip a day. That gave the vendor time to send replacements for the broken feet on the cross bars which they sent overnight.

I got the bars mounted up this morning and the box by lunch. It’s now filled with supplies for packing up my mom’s house, which we will be doing over the next week. It should be interesting, though somewhat nerve-wracking. She has some interesting stuff.


I mounted it off-center to leave room for the bike rack or to strap items directly onto the rack. It also makes it much easier to load without a step ladder.

You might also note the missing trim from the B-pillar. That literally blew off a few months ago when we were going down the highway and I haven’t had the time to replace it. The Explorers are also prone to losing the trim off the A-pillar around the window. It’s surprising how expensive a little piece of plastic can be.

I have just enough time left in the day to finish up laundry and load up a new book from Audible. With the right book, 12-hour trips can be fairly enjoyable.

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