Someone please explain this to me. Why do we have sedans? Is a hatchback not better in every single way?

The design above, on the BMW 5-series GT, is apparently licensed from Skoda and can be a sedan or a hatch in the same car. But why?! Why did Skoda do it and why did BMW think it was a good idea and for only one of their models? Who spent time and effort designing a hatchback that’s capable of limiting its own trunk opening?

The Mazda 6 did it, in the past, with separate models. A sedan, a hatch, a wagon. I used to get a kick out of trying to spot which was which on the road - they have slightly different shapes and one has a spoiler or something. But car nerd fetish stuff isn’t the point, the point is they’re building 2 sedans and one is simply worse than the other one.

I’ve read, and I suspect it’s a perception from Americans. Americans don’t like small cars, so they don’t like hatchbacks, so it becomes a dirty word no matter what the car is actually like. But that’s insane! Here are the sedan and hatch Mazda6s. They’re so, so similar!


What’s worse: Mazda killed the hatch! For its 3rd generation the 6 became sedan only. They kept the worse one.

This is like the rear windscreen wiper, another mystery. Some cars have them, some cars don’t. Whether the window is vertical or closer to horizontal, or whether there’s a trunk or not, doesn’t seem to change anything.

And ANOTHER thing. 5-door? Seriously? A wagon isn’t a 5-door but a hatch is? It’s not a bloody door. I feel like this whole situation has a lot of legacy in it.


A hatchback is a sedan with a bigger opening. That’s where it starts and ends for me.