Hatchbacks with opening rear hatch windows??

As many of you are no doubt, I’m a huge proponent of hatchbacks and their superiority when it comes to utility - and more often, style as well. But let’s focus on the utility part...

I have one of the smallest cars you can buy in the US market, an 02 Cooper S, and it’s my DD, Home Depot runner, the whole nine yards. Despite being so tiny, it’s pretty damn utilitarian being a hatch and having the fold down rear seats. Alas the one glaring utilitarian feature it’s missing: an opening hatch window, allowing you to transport long items (ladder, drywall, lumber, etc) while keeping the hatch closed.

My fiance has a Prius C which is similarly utilitarian, though ironically, she’s more protective of her car than I am to mine, so if it weren’t for the extra space and efficiency, the Cooper would probably be the exclusive family utility vehicle. Needless to say, her car doesn’t have a separately opening hatch window either.


Tl;dr I don’t know the market well, but I know some SUVs have opening hatch windows. Do any hatchbacks have said feature?? (I don’t count those mini-SUV/little-too-big-to-be-a-hatchback things, but considering the limited hatchback market in the US, you can share then too if you know)

Pictured, what my Mini wishes it could be. Yes I was involved with that shed transportation and hell no I did not volunteer to drive it.

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