Hate doesn’t bother with research (Kansas politics)

I don’t typically make political posts, but I don’t think any of y’all will disagree on this one. Brace for crazy.

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Long story short, two rather ridiculous bills were introduced by a Republican House member here in Kansas. Rep. Randy Garber introduced a bill that would label same sex marriages as “parody marriages” and another bill attempting to create a State owned firewall that would block internet porn unless you paid a $20 fee.


All of which is hateful and crazy and has no place in modern society. But ladies and gents, the crazy train hasn’t even gotten rolling yet.

It turns out that he didn’t actually write the bills himself:


In what has to be the craziest goddamn article I’ve read in a long time, it turns out that these bills were written and lobbied for solely by a mentally ill man from Tennessee.

An actual passage from the article:

The Iraqi war veteran’s law license was placed on “disability status” in 2011 after the Supreme Court of Tennessee declared him “incapacitated...by reason of mental infirmity or illness.”


Garber said he wasn’t aware that Sevier had lost the ability to practice law in Tennessee.

Two years later he filed his suit against Apple, asserting that easy access to porn through his laptop constituted “unfair competition and interference of the marital contract.”


“The Plaintiff became totally out of synch in his romantic relationship with his wife, which was a consequence of his use of his Apple product,” Sevier wrote. “The Plaintiff could no longer tell the difference between internet pornography and tangible intercourse due to the content he accessed through the Apple products.”


So yeah, this Kansas Republican sponsored a bill a bill he didn’t write... written by and lobbied for by someone who not only wasn’t one of his constituents, but is also clearly very mentally ill... and didn’t look into it any deeper because that’s how shallow his hate towards his actual constituents is.


It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so hateful.

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