It’d been nearly 48 hours since i last killed a man was able to leave our snowdrifted court...And now I’d started gettin the itch; problem was I had nothin’ to scratch....

>free my pos cobalt of the bonds of a snowy driveway

>get towards the edge of our court’s exit

>ms do gooder neighbor has shoveled all the snow from their driveway into the damn road, basically building a wall that would make trump jizz his slacks

>i find my inner ricky bobby and punch it in hopes of just what freddie mercury refers to as ‘breaking free’

>the most godawful horrifying sound of crushing plastic comes from the cars undercarriage


>now my steering wheel looks like its in the hands of michaelj fox with how it just shakes like a damn weeble wobble

if it gets worse, i’m going to take this to the friendly yet ungodly expensive Chevy dealer instead of my usual shop to get what would be an ungodly expensive bill, and stick it to that neighbors door via loogey, ring the doorbell, and promptly hide because i don’t like confrontation. don’t judge me. B|