I went to the playground with my daughters today, they saw someone in the elders class who was practicing rollerblading with a hockey stick. My eldest said he was pretty good, and got a “well of course I am good, I play hockey and I am the best at it” right in front of the elitist mom who reaffirmed how good he was. Then he skated into a pile of mulch by accident and ate shit. I laughed. During this there was another kid bawling his face off whose mom was swinging on the swingset and doing nothing but texting. And THEN I saw a 11-13 year old girl there with a fucking iPhone and a selfie stick who constantly was snapping selfies in between texting and ignoring the people there with her. Because there is nothing like promoting a healthy feeling of “you are the most important and beautiful girl out there” by letting your kid have something like that. Ugh, end rant.