That's a nice Aston Martin you're driving, lady who has been on my ass the past two miles even with both lanes open on either side of me and my speed-o-meter pegging 85 (this is itself interesting, as my meter-o-speed seems to be off by about 10 percent sometimes or I live in a stupid video game where everyone drives LIGHT SPEED). Okay, pass me finally and're on your phone. Those are temp tags, which means a new(ish) car. Now you're tailgating that semi. What messed up thing did you do to your previous car that necessitated you getting this beautiful new Aston? You look familiar, are you the same lady who shares my commute who I always encounter, driving erratically and flicking half-smoked cigarette out the window? You used to drive a Jetta, before that a BMW, before that a Lexus. WHERE DID ALL OF THESE CARS GO?! WHY ARE YOU KILLING ALL OF THESE CARS?!

Oh well, exit's ahead, time to go plaid.