I’m searching for a way to haul a new bicycle in my pickup. The biggest concern is security, since I’m in an area where unattended bicycles will get stolen within minutes. Whatever I come up with must not damage the truck or the bike, but I’m ok if it damages a person attempting to steal the bike.

The over-the-tailgate method above may scratch both the truck and the bike, so that’s out.


I already have crossbars that will mount over the bed, so something like the below pic may be an option. Seems poor for aerodynamics, and difficult to secure.

I could hire an armed security guard to watch my bike and shoot any potential thieves, but that seems needlessly complicated, messy, and expensive.


I could get a cap for the back of the truck and store the bike in there. I am not old and do not currently have any grandchildren, however, so I don’t think I meet the requirements for driving a truck with a cap.


That leaves a flip-up tonneau cover, with the bike on its side underneath. Has anybody used this method before? Seems like the biggest concern here is making sure the bike doesn’t bounce around too much, and making sure there’s clearance for the handlebars.

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