Haunted Hotel

About the Hotel Blackhawk, where I will be staying.


Female entity from the glory days of the Blackhawk Hotel:

A pleasant female entity, dressed in a red or blue evening dress and attire to match, has been seen floating contently down the halls of the hotel, perhaps on her way down to the grand ballroom for an evening of dining, dancing and enjoying great music.


Entity of a musician who used to perform solo or with a band haunts the ballroom.

Some unknown entity plays the piano, as piano music has been heard coming from the ballroom, when no one living was there.


The entity of an elderly, well-dressed man –

He has been seen by witnesses going about his business in the hotel – Some say it is Carey Grant.

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Perhaps. While no professional paranormal investigations have taken place, many witnesses over the years have reported the above manifestations. However, sometimes huge renovations cause the spirits to go on a holiday, and/or become temporarily dormant. Sometimes they reappear; sometimes not.

( Newport Art Museum * The Viking Hotel )

This may be the case at the Hotel Blackhawk, because after the Hotel Blackhawk reopened, there have been no other reported sightings of these spirits. However, they may come back to this new and improved hotel; time will tell. The other possibility is that new sightings are not made public, because of the large investment of money in this property. Potential guests shouldn’t be scared away.

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