I got a call before work this morning about a job I had applied for with a small town in my area. The posting for the position had initially listed that they expected to contact candidates by the end of July, so I had assumed that I wasn’t in the running.

It’s with a very small town, and my duties would be different than what I’m used to with my current position. I work in a water treatment facility. That would be my main job, but I’d actually be the person of record for the facility meaning I would get the joy of being the one to work with the state EPA and handle the paperwork as well. That’s not all though. The staff of the water department also helps out the street department with filling potholes and plowing snow in the winter. That’s all new to me. I have plowed driveways before, but that was with a small Jeep and manual plow as opposed to a large truck and hydraulic plow.

This job would be perfect for me though. The added responsibilities would break up the monotony that sometimes happens here when things are going well. Plus, there are even bigger bonuses. Currently I have a one hour, each way commute. Also, I work a swing shift that has me changing shifts every 4 days (a little rough on the sleep cycle at the very least). Plus, I work 2 out of every 3 weekends. The new job would be a 20 minute, each way commute. It’s a regular Monday-Friday schedule with some after-hours on-call time. I don’t know the exact details of the on-call schedule, but honestly given the difference in commute and base schedule I can’t see it being a massive improvement. Oh plus it would be about a 30% raise over what I get now.

I’m not much of a superstitious person, but I’m wondering how many appendages I can cross during the interview without looking strange.