I have an iPhone and am the go to gal for all types of mobile phone repairs. Break your screen? I got it. Proximity Sensor died? Pfft piece of cake. However, Apple’s newest update further demonstrates how much you don’t actually own your iPhone.

iOS 9.2.1 apparently adds a feature for the phone to check itself for third party hardware. And if it detects third party hardware (say, something as simple as a home button you got replaced), the phone permanently bricks and Apple will refuse to help you. Apparently, repairing your own phone (or having a non-Apple tech repair it) is a breach of Apple’s lovely 56 page terms and conditions. So congrats, you now have a borked phone.

And if that wasn’t enough salt in the wound, Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.2, so you can’t even downgrade your iOS.

Here are some flames for your time. :)

EDIT: For clarification, right now it just seems home button repairs are the cause!