Have chips, need dip

I was feeling good after finishing up my project and not utterly fucking up the whole entire presentation in front of the boss.

Pulled into the tiny parking lot adjacent to the local hangout spot and I decided to pull-in versus back-in, which was a mistake since the two compact CUVs next to me led me to believe I wasn’t as far in as I really was (heh putting it in).

Next thing I knew the car wouldn’t go any further. I backed it out, got out, and then I saw this:


It turns out I just ever-so-gently tapped the curb with the right bat fang on the lip spoiler, leaving these tasty chips all over.

What’s funny is that I feared the lip spoiler on the Club would attract dents but so far it’s scraped on fewer things than the Camry’s under-bumper chin spoiler/belly pan. Guess my luck finally ran out.

To be honest, it’s not enough of a problem for me to replace the spoiler, so I’ll just leave it as-is.

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