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Have fun with your cars

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Good morning, Oppo. Sunchaser goes in for rear brake drums and shoes today. I have often considered converting the rear to discs, but most Celica people seem lukewarm on the upgrade. The car isn’t very heavy, and they say there isn’t much improvement.


I am headed for a pretty fun car calendar. The weekend after this coming one, Toby and I road trip to San Diego (considering the desert route, depending on weather) and back on the coast on Highway 1. There are also a few local car shows and meets coming up, and at the end of October my buddy and I are going to Surf City Blitz, as I grabbed Saturday tix for the festival. When I suggested that I might bring the Infiniti, he suggested that it would be poor form to roll to a punk rock festival on the beach in anything but the Sunchaser.

I have a trip coming up to Temecula, and may well take the ‘chaser to that one, but Reno in November will be out. I just found out about a car show in Modesto to raise money for a camp for kids with heart trouble, and I want to do that one, and make a donation as well. I am sad, but I cannot go to a local import car show, but you can't do 'em all.


Radwood LA is December 2, and I already bought a Royalty spot. The JCCS may not want me there, but there are plenty of other, friendlier events.

What would you do if you were me, Oppo? I have reliable, rare old car that I love, so I am trying to do as much car stuff and road trips as I can. A friend told me if I keep driving it this much, stuff is going to keep breaking and I said, “Yes.” I intend to have as much fun as I can with this car. Life is for the living.

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