Have I ever laid out the gameplan for the Dakota? AKA A daydream post.

I don’t think I have. So, here goes:

5.9 Magnum

SpinTech Mid-Length headers

Hughes RPM Air Gap intake, for high(er)-RPM fun

4 barrel throttle-body


AX-15 that’s in it, until it grenades

Hurst shifter

Rear axle:

3.55 with SureGrip


I want to lower it a couple inches front and rear


Keeping 6 lug- Probably the AR Bajas I have in the garage on 235/60/15 Cooper Cobra Radial G/Ts in the front, 275/60/15 rear


5 lug- Weld ProStar, same tire combo

6 lug winter: stock wheels with the tires that are on it now

5 lug winter: random crap wheels with current tires


rust repaired, Chrome front bumper and grille/headlight bezels

Roll pan from AAR Fiberglass

Repainted in factory Driftwood Satin Metallic/Light Driftwood Satin Glow (I’ve heard it called both)

*Maybe* a shaker hood. Yes, they really do make them for these. Functional ones, too.

Interior: It’s pretty much perfect as is.

Basically, somewhat similar to this: (This is owned by a guy on a few of the Dakota groups on Facebook)


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