These have been out for a week, but since I don’t think anyone else shared them, I will! So far the RWD Kia GT is looking pretty good. I’m liking the rear of this, the quad exhaust tips really set it off. There are rumors of a manual being offered...interesting. I have my own speculations. More spy pictures below:

Front is looking pretty good to me. However, it does show that Kia is placing it’s headlamps practically on top of the hood now. See Kia Sportage and 2017 Kia Cadenza.

Luckily, the sweet exterior turn indicators kind of hide the high placement of the lamps. What would you guys guess on the front tire width, 245 mm?


Check out that distance from the front doors to the center of the front wheel well! Prestige Side mirrors are on the doors instead of the a pillar. It looks like it’s in between a 4-series GC and 6-series GC in size to my eyes. Like around 190' total.


So far, 7.5/10! Too much rear overhang for my taste and I’m not convinced it’s a sports sedan. It looks like a “near-luxury” sedan, like less than an Infiniti G70 but more than a Chevrolet Impala.

Works for me though!