got to work on the back side tonight.

its by far the largest and most complex project i’ve taken on by myself. Next client meeting is next week. I hope to have two options for them to look at. I’m about 90% with this one and 75% on the next. The middle section is supposed to be the same color as the rest. Dunno why it looks like that. Sketchup is iffy on there coloring sometimes



about 4.5 hours into the build. Almost done with the existing building.


starting a new side project, just a few alterations...

they want to...


take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room.

take down the wall between the dining room and stair/entry.

expand the kitchen (either take over the space that is the bathroom or go rearward)


new bath or relocated bath

take down the sunroom (bad foundation)

expand the livingroom forward and rearward to where the sunroom was

add a 3rd garage bay


finish half the basement for a playroom

add a half bath


renovate bathroom

add a laundry room

build either a walk-in closet for the daughter or a closet and private bath

add a full master suite over the garage.