Have Some Toilet Humor for Levity Today

If you haven’t read Cracked’s Comedy Moments Hidden on YouTube series, you’re missing out. Here is a particularly childish one that nonetheless made me laugh.

Cracked’s description:

OK ... let me be clear right off that normally I’m not a big fan of fart humor. But goddamnit, there’s something special about this video. I think it’s the fact that it’s not set up as comedy. This poor bastard has just come out of a colonoscopy, and he’s drugged out of his mind. His wife (I’m assuming it’s his wife) reminds him of the doctor’s instructions that he needs to “pass gas.” She asks a few questions, and the exchange is fairly normal — and then out of the blue, he rolls over, stares directly into the camera, and busts ass.

For a really long time.

It’s the way that he does it that just kills me. The look on his face. It’s almost angry — spiteful. It’s as if a lifetime of mistreatment and oppression had finally caught up with him, and this was his one chance to make things right. It was his stand against Goliath. It was his Rocky moment. At that moment, every underdog in the world stood and cheered, not quite knowing why they were doing it. But I feel that deep in their hearts, they knew. We all knew.

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