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Have started playing a new game

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I’ve got an ultimate Frisbee tournament tomorrow and the day off work today. So I wanted to make sure I was well rested. Normally I’d go hiking or surfing or work on a car but vegging out and playing a game sounded like appropriate rest. Well I decided to pick up quite the difficult one from Gamestop! Side note, that store seemed exactly as I last visited it mid 2000s, and it’s still stuck right in the 90s really.


Anyways, this game is appropriately impossible and I love it. I’ve spent approximately 6 hours playing so far and made very minimal progress. It took me over an hour to get out of the first tutorial level and then I still haven’t gotten past the first checkpoint after that. I’ve made progress though working on just leveling up my warrior so that I don’t get wrecked immediately so much anymore. It’s a hard game but I can tell then once I have the hang of it I’ll really enjoy it. I keep dying even in 1v1 encounters but at least those aren’t impossible anymore, my real challenge is 1 v many where I just get destroyed.

I'm very happy with my $10 purchase and I'm sure I'll enjoy struggling through it more! 

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