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have the afternoon off, time for beer and.... insurance shopping

UPDATE: I’d say that was an hour wasted, but if anything I’ve got a decent buzz going since I realized I started my second beer without having eaten anything today. Basically, the great price I was seeing initially was great for my auto, but the same company offered a nearly 50% higher rate on my residential insurance which negated any savings. We checked the next best rate but they don’t have accident forgiveness - given the insurance fuckery that goes on in Ontario, I want accident forgiveness since the jump after a claim is far more than paying for many years of accident forgiveness in the first place. All that to say it looks like I’m probably sticking with my current company. Also, the other thing that doesn’t sit well with me is that the really low auto rate comes at the cost of installing one of those OBD2 devices that tracks mileage. Some love the discounts, I personally don’t want it unless it’s a significant discount.

Anyway, I’m gonna continue drinking since I got a good thing going now.

Insurance - everyone needs it, no one wants to pay for it.

I work in insurance so I understand why a lot of things work the way they do and why it’s frustrating for most people. Heck, it still frustrates me sometimes.


I’ve been with my company for several years now and my price has gone up despite a speeding ticket no longer being considered on my record. My condo insurance has gone up quite a bit as well since I’ve started, but typically in Ontario most people are going to be paying far more for auto than home insurance.

Like the job market, you kind of need to look around every once in a while to make sure you’re not being fleeced. Seeing as how jobs are not the greatest thing to look for now, might as well save on insurance.


I started off paying around $1100/yr for my Forte5 SX and that was including a depreciation waiver in case it was written off, but fast forward a few years and despite that waiver no longer being applied and a speeding ticket falling off my record, my price is now $1400/yr. Similarly, my condo was around $170/yr but now it’s $365.

So fuck that shit, found a nice quote online for nearly $300/yr less on auto even though I asked for $1M more in liability coverage than what I currently have.


I got the beer because you never know who you end up with in these call centre situations, some people are experts and some are noobs, but either way I have beer to tide me over.

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