The owner of our house has decided to sell it and it needs about $30K worth of repairs to bring it up to current standards and fix the problems. So they decided not to renew our lease so they can do everything. We really didn't want to rent a construction zone anyway. So, now we are looking for a new place and found one nearby with a nice garage. Will find out tomorrow if we got it.

We had planned on staying here another year and then I would look for another job and would be moving. Now we have the expense of moving locally when I really wanted to wait another year and get the next employer to pay for it.


However, I won't have to deal with damn indoor/outdoor carpet in a garage anymore (and I got to explain to the wife that this is exactly why I prefer owning to renting). We rent out our old house and it's time to sell it to the tenant who loves it. Gonna make her a great deal and we will save money in the process. Then when we move again, it's going to be to our own place again.