When people post about their car, it seems like it’s pretty common for people to ask other Oppos what they should know before buying one. I know I’ve personally written a few explanations about what to know when shopping for an XJ8, and thought about just putting together a single post I could link to in the future. Now I’m thinking it would be kind of awesome if a lot of us just wrote up buyers’ guides for our cars and I just maintained an updated list of what guides have been published for what.

Would there be any interest in doing that? I mean, sure it’s probably not anything that you couldn’t get from any particular make’s enthusiast forum, but I feel like people here tend to be somewhat more realistic about their car’s faults (e.g., one of my favorite threads of all time is on Jaguarforums.com, where a bunch of people got into an argument about whether the X308 is the most* or least aerodynamic sedan ever made and whether it’s even possible to hit the speed limiter**).

Even with cars that multiple people own, I think it could be cool to have different guides with different perspectives.

*It is not.

** It is not.