This question has lingered on my mind for quite a while. When shopping for my Jeep Wrangler, I had some options in mind that I wanted (and some I adamantly did not want). For example, I absolutely did not want an automatic Wrangler with the hard top option or power convenience package, which included power door locks, power windows, and air conditioning. For me, those options would have watered-down the Wrangler experience.

My friend recently purchased a manual-transmission E46 M3 with no sunroof, no Nav, and manual cloth seats. He told me he wanted those specific options (or lack thereof), because “simplify then add lightness”, and he actually paid more and was willing to pay more for this car than another similar, but more-optioned M3.

Has anyone else specifically avoided some (possibly originally expensive) factory options when shopping for a used car, excluding simply choosing between manual/auto? And if so, were you willing to pay slightly more for a car with less factory options?