I've had this thought the last few days, and since my computer is being slow I figure now's as good a time as any to open the discussion: Does your environment influence your taste in cars?

Let me elaborate a bit by giving my own example. I grew up in Houston, a large city with a widely varied automotive environment. I don't think Houston in particular shaped my taste in cars, it only made me realize that AC is god's greatest gift to mankind.

I left Houston and came to Kansas, and I've been here for the last 7 years (feeling old now...). In that time I picked up a hobby that made hot hatches very attractive to me, and now I own one.

Of course, we all look forward to future cars. We all have cars we want to buy someday, and that list may change, but the theme typically stays the same. Some people like classics and want a 50's Caddy. Some people like offroading and lust after Jeep Wranglers. Many others like sports cars and lust after Porsches and BMWs.


I used to lust after sports cars. I've dreamed of owning a small convertible like a Boxster. It's no secret that I want an R8 someday. But over the last few years I've noticed myself changing attitudes, and now there's two cars on my list that were never there before: Corvettes and small trucks.


Before coming to Kansas, I never liked the Corvette. I never thought it was a very attractive car, and I had no interest in one. Zero. Same thing goes for trucks: I never wanted one and I thought they were ugly and silly.

But now I live in the heart of America. Trucks are everywhere, they're far and away the most common thing on the road, or at least it feels that way. There's also a general patriotism here that I didn't quite notice in Houston or during college: people genuinely love America in this town, and you certainly see a good proportion of American cars, especially if you go to any car shows


Being surrounded by so much 'Murica has made me want to be a part of it, and made me appreciated it far more than ever before. Heck, I even own a car that was built in the US!

In the past I would have ignored an S10 driving by, and I would have passed off the Corvette as a future car option. Now my head turns when I see a nice old S10, I'm considering buying one instead of a cheap sports car in the next year or so, and I'm strongly considering a second hand Corvette down the line.


So I got a bit long winded, but hopefully if you stuck with me you understand my point. So I ask of you: have you been molded by your environment and noticed a change in your taste of cars?