Have You Been Living Under a Rock - Hellcat Edition

This past weekend I got together with a few college buddies for a little one-day reunion. This reunion essentially consisted of us hopping around a few bars in our college town, pretending we were 22 again.

We chose to eat dinner at a nice little sports bar in town so we could watch Masters coverage. One of the guys is a big Mustang guy. His dad has a nice original Boss 302 and he drives an ‘05 or so. The thing is, he’s really just a Mustang name guy. He knows very little about cars. He basically drives a Mustang because it says Mustang on it.

Anyway, we’re sitting there eating dinner, watching the Masters, and a Dodge commercial featuring the Hellcat comes on.


He turns to me and says, “Did that just say 700 horsepower?”

Apparently, he’d never heard of the Hellcat.

I was flabbergasted.

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