You live in the tri state area about an hour from NYC. You are moving 1,000 miles away to Memphis before the summer ends. Probably never to return to the east coast for a good number of years. What would YOU do? Car related...non car related...almost anything goes. Let me hear it.

Ive never felt a sense of sudden urgency than I do now. This is going to be weird moving to a state so different. Putting my whole way of life (persay) and shaking it up. Dont get me wrong, im pretty excited about moving south. I love the heat, the people, the lifestyle, and nearly everything i hear about life down there.

Instead of quitting my job, which i was fully ready to do, i gave them limited availability. They are gonna be SOL when i actually leave because its amazing how much I tie up their loose ends. I almost feel bad for leaving them. Sorry, im venting here.


Ive also begin to speak my mind more. Theres no time like the present to tell people stuff youve always wanted to say to them. However, im still debating whether or not to tell my manager she is smokin hot.... Haha. You guys can vote on that....

In all seriousness. Its hard to think about where to begin. I have to accept i cant do it all. And only now do I realize its almost like i wasted time in my past. But i guess we all do. Do i regret it? Not really, i guess. Life goes on, and its never a good thing to dwell on the past.


All I know is I get a new start. Which is kinda cool at my age. Finishing up at a college to be determined, it might be refreshing to change things up a bit. Even though I know, without a doubt, Ill miss everything (nearly haha) I am moving away from. But thats life. Moving on I guess. Sorry if i sound cliche. This whole thing cliche.


I just had to write some of this out. Helps me think a bit. And im never stop thinking these days because of this impending move. Good Night oppo. Time to cool off and watch some more Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.