Have you ever awoken one morning and thought "You know what I need? A 9 year old BMW with 167k on it for $10.5k with a lien on it."

Well, if you’ve ever had that thought, then today is your lucky day, because I found this 335i on Greenville Craigslist. 


The good news is that it is a manual; however, that might be the end of the good news.

The owner decided to “improve” the interior with some gaudy blue vinyl. The replica style 167s don’t look awful, I just don’t think they fit the E90 that well. More good news is that the owner also modified the car before paying it off because the car still has a lien on it. Also, that CEL, yeah don’t worry about that, it’s just the cats. This is South Carolina, you don’t need those.

I’m tempted to see how much he still owes on this, but given the absurd price, I’m guessing it’s close to 10k. 

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