Have you ever calculated how much your household spends on gas?

I was staying up too late going of our finances with a fine-toothed comb as I do once in a while. As I lazily glossed through the “necessary expenditure” area of the monies (basically: shit you need that isn’t a true bill), I threw out the usual ballpark number for groceries, but decided to for surprisingly the first time ever tally up what gas really costs us.

For the sake of simplicity, assume $3/gallon.

Wife commutes 46 miles per shift 21 working days a month, plus 500 miles for social purposes, in a vehicle getting 21 MPGs


I use my pickup maybe 1000 miles a month for odds and ends, which gets barely over 22 MPGs.

This comes out to a little over 110 gallons consumer per month.

That’s $330 a month. And that’s just for two people.

What you got?

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