Have you ever had a guilty vehicle buy?

Lois is huge compared to a Wrangler

What I mean by a guilty buy is that you know you don’t need it or can justify it. Every time I look at Lois the Dodge, I have that twang of guilt. Why do I feel guilty? I’m a single male that drives an average of 600 miles a week, doesn’t carry passengers (maybe one to two passengers once in a blue moon).

Lois and my friend’s G8 GT. His is much much much faster (dynoed at 376 RWHP)

So I cannot justify why I bought Lois. I don’t even need all this vehicular acreage or its abilities. I know that an ordinary car will do the job just fine.

I love Lois though...

The Durangos has one of the best looking designs of all SUVs.

Have you?

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