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I had a most decent experience with a towing company. I am totally impressed.

Background: Drove to work, no problem. Came out of work and vehicle was a “crank but not start” (I think it is a fuel pump)


Called my GEICO road service. Response: “We can have our primary resonder there in about 2 hours”

Me: “Do you have a secondary company”?

Geico: “Yes, they can be there in 45 minutes”

Me: Duhhhh. “Send them, please’.

Anyway, the guy shows up and says that GEICO only pays for a tow to the nearest repair facility. (I am 15 miles from home) Nearest repair facility is 4 miles away.


He says that he can tow it to my preferred repair shop for $48 more.

So I say, just do it. When we get there, he says “Do you need a ride home”.

Me: “Yes, I would really appreciate that”.

We get there and he says “Your bill is $34”.

He says: “You seem like an everyday guy and did not give me a hard time about anything. I like that. So I discounted your rate”.


Bottom Line: Be nice to everyone who helps you. Even if you are not happy.

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