Normally I do not really care for the cars that I’ve rented. Sometimes I wonder if normal people actually spend money on them. This is so terrible, there is no way that someone spent their hard earned money on this POS. Well, there’s always an exception. When I was in Germany in 2013, I loved the B180 I rented there. So much in fact that I would buy one if they sold it here. I don’t know why I liked it so much, maybe it was because it as a manual or maybe because I was in Europe. All I know is that I want one. Here’s some of the pictures I have of it.

This is probably my favorite picture of myself.
It was limited to 195 kph, maxed it on the autobahn.
At the Porsche museum.
Camped in it at Le Mans. The B-Klasse: part people carrier, part autobahn stormer, part tent.
We washed the dirt from Le Mans off, that’s my friend washing it.


That 1.6L POWER!
I took a picture of the VIN, probably so I could find it again if I ever wanted to.
Parked somewhere in Paris.


I liked it so much, I’ve got a model of it. Actually two models.

I got this one off of ebay. That is literally the same car we had down to the wheels.
I got that from the Mercedes Benz museum. It was my souvenir along with the Benz ornament in granite.