This is an object lesson in "less is more" aesthetics; so very much more.

Illustration for article titled Have you ever seen anything this cleanly gorgeous in your life?

It is just so sleek... It isn't fully backdated to an original 911 (front bumper height is too high up to the headlights, it is a 930-style bumper... but the car could possibly be an earlier 964 with the torsion-spring rear suspension. (hole in the bodywork just in front of the rear tire gives it away...)

the RS look, with the FRP bumpers and the duck tail spoiler, no extra trim, and the slightly wide rear Fuchs wheels... even the roll bar visible through the windows... just makes this car look HOT for being simplified and lightened.


It is almost Singer-like... and even simpler and less adorned than most Singer examples, and certainly narrower without the fender flares.

The only things I would add, if it were mine...

black rock-chip guard film along the bottom of the rocker, and up on the rear fender in front of the rear tire, to protect the paint and body from rusting when it DOES get driven, because it WILL be driven...


I would add sealed-beam-replacement LED headlights (JW Speaker LED projectors, or TruckLite parabolic back-firing LED reflectors) behind plain un-fluted polycarbonate 911 outer lenses, for better lighting and less electrical load than old incandescent halogen sealed beams. I might also replace the turn signals and rear lights, behind stock porsche lenses, with LED strips or replacement bulbs, and a solid-state signal flash relay. Less electrical load on the alternator is less heat in the wiring loom, and less alternator load on the engine.

I like the black Fuchs... but I might have considered gun-metal centers with the black polished rim edges. Not bright silver, but about half-way between the alloy silver of the paint job, and the glossy black of the wheel rims and window trims.


That would be about it.

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