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On Thursday I picked up this 1993 Isuzu Trooper RS. Pretty much everything works, including the headlight wipers!!!! It’s got 233k on it. Overall though, it’s pretty solid. So far I’ve been cleaning it up, registering it, etc

There’s suspicions that this may be the truck in the 1993 Isuzu Trooper RS review in Motorweek. This truck has lived in NoVA it’s whole life and came from a dealer in Woodbridge, near where Motorweek filmed. I have some connections, so I’m gonna try and see if they possibly would have any records on it. Judge for yourself:

Anyways, it’s my winter truck so the Miata can stay off the streets during VAs salt-a-thon we call winter. In the spring if I decide to keep it, it will get a mild lift, some BFG A/Ts with steelies, and maybe an ARB bumper that my friend has if we can get it to fit the truck.


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