Have you ever thought; "Oh dear, my coach bus is far too short and has a far too small amount of wheels!"?

Well worry no more! Because the Prevost H5-60 exists.


Prevost Car, based just southeast of Quebec City, is a division of Volvo and is North America’s second largest coach bus manufacturer. And in a bout of Molson’s and cocaine induced madness (it was the 1980s after all), they thought it would be a brilliant idea to take a regular coach bus, and just add more to it. They did this by making it articulated and added four more wheels as opposed to the standard 6. And, for good measure, the rearmost axle was a steerable one, which is quite common for coaches.

Now, articulated, transit buses (like the Neoplan above, we’ll get to them) are quite common. Most big cities (except London, which famously scrapped all of them a few years ago because they kept killing everyone) have them in one way or another. But an articulated coach is quite unusual.


The only other mainstream articulated coach I can think of is the absolutely massive Neoplan (told you we’d get to them) Jumbocruiser, which was only ever sold (in large numbers at least) in Europe. Unlike the Prevost, it has two decks, and has one less axle, making it just a little bit less crazy.

TL;DR: Coaches can be a little bit weird sometimes.

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