“It was a scam! A hack! A conspiracy! I’m glad they’re dead!”

Said the internet.

But seriously, I had Moviepass for a few months, but it was a pain in the ass to use, and wasn’t worth it. But that was the point. Back when things were calmer, and it wasn’t a “scam*”people discussed the model, which is similar to the gym model. Get a bunch of people to sign up, and most won’t use it. That’s why I cancelled it. Not being able to reserve a seat in advance made it hard to justify going out.

I've since switched to Sinemia and got the premium plan because I want to use it to see Dolby Cinema. Seeing a movie in Dolby once a month, and a regular 2d movie pays for it. I don't need to see a movie a day. I don't have time for that shit. 

*A scam implies you paid for something you did not get. That wasn’t and isn’t the case. Customers get to see movies. It’s investors who are losing their money, but that’s why it’s called GAMBLING!