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Have you taken a car "out of its element"?

Every car is designed to perform best within certain boundaries the marketing team decided on. But sometimes the circumstances of life or sheer curiosity place our four-wheel friends into situations where they don’t belong. Maybe you crossed the Rockies during a blizzard in a Corvette, trekked Moab in a Cube, drove a dually in Manhattan, autocrossed a Prius or even taken an X-type out of the shop.

For me it was taking my 2001 M5 with 150,000 miles on a 8,000 mile camping trip, getting it stuck on a trail in Yosemite. Our laissez-faire approach to deciding on an itinerary meant we drove about 3,000 miles further than we anticipated (Vegas was totally worth it), making my Pilot Sport summer tires almost completely bald on the rear. A surprised rain storm lead to this cover photo being taken on a Samsung Galaxy S Potato.

Let’s see what strange new hell you’ve put your car through.


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