For those that want to be an explorer and explore without getting an Explorer.

This is a Mazda Navajo. It is exactly like a Ford Explorer except completely different in almost no way. While Googeling information about the Navajo, I got directed to the Scottish Wikipedia page, which was... different...

This one claims a bit over 180k miles and full options (there weren’t many). Current bid is $100.

There is a small tow lot auction group that handles tow lot auctions here in KC and some other areas. Many of the lots claim that cars are sold to the public without a dealer license needed to bid (not sure how true that really is). Part of me wants to attend one for grins and giggles or just poke around the lot. I know it is mostly full of crappy cars, sleezy resellers, dealers, and Buy Here Pay Here people, but I always find something interesting pieces/projects on their lineup.


Speaking of which, there is this 5-series wagon, current bid is $50 (as of 3/21/17). The interior everything needs a little lot help. For the wallet masochist.