Havin' one of those days

Post base model automatic RX-8s with 16" wheels to make me feel better ;)

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Came into work this morning to find 90% of our order was missing, found out its still on the semi trailer, now back at home in MN.

Got two cars tied up on lifts that aren’t getting finished today.

Got a call from O’Reilly’s, our special order part that came in DAMAGED yesterday is MISSING today.


Make that THREE cars....

Just got our tire delivery, and somehow ended up with two different tires in different sizes and different makes and models for the same order.... Hmm. Oh well, those were for one of the two cars waiting on parts sooo.....


OH, and I had a eBay buyer back out on a sale, so now I have less monies than I thought I did to buy something.

eBay, FUCK YOU. Back in my day, you weren’t able to back out of a sale.... or claim a damaged item was “not as described” and get all your money back while sticking the seller with a now broken item. But that’s a story from another day,


I need a beer, and I need to see something naked.

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