Knives aren’t really something I nerd out on, but I do cook all the time, and hey, you need knives to cook. My brother has turned into a knife nerd, and now works at this cool knife shop DC Sharp, so I checked it out on my recent trip to DC to visit family.

I have a selection of cheap & decent Victorinox knives: 8" and 10" chef knives, 9" serrated, and several random cheap/sharp paring knives. My 8" chef knife needs to be properly sharpened, and even though there’s a solid knife sharpening place here in Madison called Wisconsin Cutlery, I’ve been lallygagging on actually getting around to going to have the knife sharpened.

Anyway, I’d been thinking about getting something a bit fancier as my go-to 8"-ish chef knife, and was looking at stuff in the $50-100 range like a MAC or Tojiro. But when I picked up this MCUSTA Zanmai 210mm gyutou, it felt perfect in my hand, and I’m a sucker for the pretty damascus cladding (those wavy lines on the blade) and white corian handle. Little bro asked his boss to hook me up with a friends ’n family discount (out of courtesy to the store I’ll refrain from saying how much), and now it’s alllll miiiiine.

Since I was flying back home after my visit, I didn’t exactly want to pack a crazy knife in my suitcase, so they shipped it to me. I’ve already used it several times and holy hell is it sharp. Like yesterday I made guacamole and when I went to cut a lime in half it practically fell through the lime. I made the finest of fine ribbons of green onions. It is amazing.

Now, I’m not saying a knife this fancy is really necessary, because to be honest, it’s a total luxury item. But if you cook a lot and are good enough with a knife where you’re not likely going to slice off a finger, having at least one really nice knife is, well, really nice.


Now if only I could get my lazy ass to to take those Victorinoxes to be sharpened...