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Having A Friday (first time, long time)

This week was an actual work week in a lot of ways. I got a story out for my friend’s company. I was really sweating though. The reporter who was going to write got hung up at a conference and was delayed in writing by about 24 hours. I really didn’t want to fail on the first go.

Then today I had a phone interview for a Head of Marketing position at a company that is basically a 10 minute drive. That makes it super attractive even though it’s not exactly the most exciting company in the world (anything following “actual spacecraft” is bound to be a slight let down).

I had a somewhat annoying conversation with a friend today who asked me if I “have any press connections”. The answer is yes, but then she wanted uncompensated introductions so she could pitch her new app. Yeah, that’s not how it works in public relations - friends or not.


I’m thinking about heading down to Santa Cruz on Sunday for Morning Motors if anyone wants to join.

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