Having a senior day.

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Went to a meeting this afternoon at a site way closer to my house than the office. Meeting ran till 4 so I decided I’d just go home after and work from there, rather than fight across town and back. So far so good. Then I decided I’d hit the supermarket on the way home. Also fine. Except the initial stage of the route to the supermarket is also the route back to work, and on autopilot I drove past the supermarket and onto the freeway. Which I can’t get back off for about 5 miles at that on-ramp. Doh!


Unfortunately 5 miles was enough to put me back on autopilot and I blew past the next 2 off ramps before getting off and turning around.

Eventually got back to the supermarket a couple of hundred yards from where I started. Bought the couple of things I needed and hopped back in the car. Where I promptly went back onto autopilot again and drove most of the way home to the house I used to live at 2 years ago - this supermarket was my local back then.


Finally got home to the right house about the same time I would have if I’d just gone back to work after the meeting.

And to add insult to injury, this week I’m driving the Pajero, my thirstiest vehicle. So the whole experience probably cost me $20 in gas.


Jeez I need a holiday!

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