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So, like, my desktop has been getting shit internet lately. Speedtest says I have 2mpbs download and 6mbps upload, with the connection dropping out occasionally and requiring me to manually reconnect to the network. My laptop, sitting in the same location with the same signal strength, manages a rock steady 50 down and 10 up.

This hasn’t always been the case, the desktop was blazing fast until two months ago. At first I thought my brandless wireless card was failing so I replaced it with a name brand one. No dice. The connection drops out less often but I’m still experiencing the same slowness issues.


It’s not the router, the other 12 or so devices in the house connect just fine. Poking around the router config page reveals no settings that would negatively impact my PC specifically.

I can’t come up with any combination of keywords to search for that gets me the results I need. I just get a flood of n00b how-tos telling me to reboot my router and update wifi drivers. That’s no help to me and it makes it impossible to search for help online.

Since I’ve ruled out hardware, the only thing else I can think of is something somehow got misconfigured in Windows. I’ve checked everything I can think of though and can’t find anything wrong. Tried disabling TC/IP v6, tried manually setting a DNS server, etc. Nothing has helped.

So, any ideas what this could be before I resort to a fresh Windows install?

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