If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Having an early night.

I belong to a few conspiracy debunking groups, and pursue it as a hobby. Occasionally I end up playing a tactical logician in the effort to fight woo and troll conspiracists/Illuminuts.

Tonight, I just watched a two hour town hall with the Arizona state representative Kelli Ward, members of the ADEQ, and a whole theatre full of chemtrail loons utterly losing their minds over vapour trails. Live blogged it. My brain is hurting. Must be the Morgellons. Christ. One lady even suggested gargling red wine and peroxide to determine the severity of chemtrail related illness. To the credit of the state rep, and the ladies from the ADEQ, they didn't outright laugh at the huddled masses.

Anyhow. Too much woo and internet in one small dose. Time for bed.

So for this evening, a stealth beast that actually does pray sweet sweet chemtrails in the form of petrochemical byproducts.


A little RSR, courtesy of Twin Spark Racing.

God, these calipers are just so beautiful.

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