Last week I went on my first actual vacation in years, my family and I drove up to Northern California for Thanksgiving and along the way we stayed at a friends place in Studio City. When we got up that morning we went out to breakfast down on Ventura, and about 5 minutes after we got there, this beautiful, beautiful car pulls up.

I instantly recognize it, as do my father and son (yes, I drove up the coast with my wife, two kids and my parents, six people, one of them a two year old. Driving was cheaper, and easier for everyone involved, including strangers). I let my wife know I'm going to go outside and snap a couple of pictures because I haven't seen a Daytona in person before, ever. I nod at the owner and he doesn't give me a second glance as I pull out my phone to take a couple of pictures (I didn't want to be *that* guy who ran to the car and grabbed my real camera gear).

After I take a few pictures I go back in, and the car owner is there with a woman and seems pretty preoccupied, so I leave him alone (though I'm bursting with questions). After we are seated my mother and my son look at me and ask if I know who that was. I look at them a bit confused, and admit that I have no earthly idea. They tell me that it's Adam Levine, and I stop for a second, remembering that he is on the cover of People Magazine currently (something about sexiest man of the year or some such). I admit that I like Maroon 5, but I wouldn't pick him out of a lineup of any 10 people on the planet (I don't watch TV much, and my reading materials are either scifi or involve cars, science or my line of work). My son pulls up some pictures of him on his phone to confirm that it was him, and I search and discover that he does indeed have good taste in cars.


After we finished our food, we wander outside and I immediately noticed that the car wasn't where it was initially parked, and my excitement died off. Then we turn the corner to find our rental and the Daytona is parked there. I go over with my father and son and take a couple more pictures and then Adam and his friend come out, not a minute later. I briefly talked to him about his car, asking how he likes it, confirming that it's a 365 Daytona, and he is friendly and polite and I never realized that my son got a picture of him. He struggled slightly with the drivers side outside latch, and my wife offered to help him with it (LOL).

We never let on that any of us recognized him, we just admired his car and talked to him for a minute or two about it. The car was certainly the sexiest vehicle I saw on the trip.