I’ve done 5 Raids so far, and 3 of them have resulted in catching a new addition to the dex. It took 6 players to take down the Venasaur, and I think 3 of us caught it.

I’m alittle bummed that the Pokémon I’ve caught haven’t been that strong tho. And I still reeeally want PvP battles. Also I’m geussing he Raid battle system is how they’re going to put out Legendary Pokémon like the birds, mew and Mewtwo. Also the Raid system is doing what it’s intended to do, create more of co-op player community. The day I caught the Venasaur I bumped into some other players, and they said they were going to hit that Raid when it came up, so I met them there. Also someone created a Local Pokémon Go Facebook group so you can let other players know when your going to try a high level Raid, or just that there is a rare wild Pokémon somewhere in town. I do think a message board like that should be integrated into the game tho.