(Not pictured: my place)

This summer, I said goodbye to the roommate and got my own place for the first time in my life. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like living on my own, but after four months, I can safely say the pros outweigh the cons:

1. It’s as clean as you want it to be. That pair of pants on the floor or that dish on the counter? Take care of that whenever the hell you want to.

2. No thermostat wars. I like it comfortably warm. My roommate was clearly trying to cryogenically freeze himself for the purposes of traveling though time. Not my problem anymore.

3. The TV, washer, and dryer are always available. No more waiting your turn.

4. You can walk around naked. Clearly the biggest advantage of living alone. Plus it saves on laundry.


5. Goodbye, headphones. Whatever you’re listening to, crank it up. Even if it’s 3:00 in the morning.

6. Sexy-time happens wherever, whenever. This applies to both alone sexy-time and sexy-time for two. Or three. Go nuts!


7. It’s your sanctuary. Decorate however you want. That deer head can finally go up in the living room. (Yes, I put a deer head in my living room).

8. No one’s stealing your food. I never tasted leftovers until I ditched the roommate. Now I can cook things that last me two or three days.


9. No stumbling upon strangers in your living room. I mean, unless you really had a lot to drink last night.

10. Bathroom door? What bathroom door?

The cons are few and far between. The biggest disadvantage is, of course, that it’s more expensive. No one is there to share the rent (my cost of living has jumped by $500 per month). Also, when you need help moving a sectional or something, you have to actually pick up the phone and call a buddy. But it’s all a small price to pay for freedom.